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Mar 12



tv shows im a bit of a fan of

don’t really watchmuch tv but if and when i do I MUST SAY, im a bit of a fan of stargate. dont knock it till you’ve tried it.

dr who and torchwood were in my list of SUPER CUL shows for a duration

then you’vegot your general cartoooooooooooooooons/anime etc. cowboy bebop. watch it.

Mar 8


14, 5 celebrity FITTIES.

blood me,this’ll be an hard un. IN MORE WAYS THAT ONE LOL


1. GOTTA BE Girljoy. She’s beyond words.

2. FREEKIN RAMONA FLOWERS. (/mary winstead)

3. karen gillan from doctor whom. yes.

4. fucking Lights Valerie Poxleitner. my days.

5. cant think of anyone else

Mar 6
30 day (not really that much of a) challenge
Screenshot of my desktop.

why’s it so big, you might ask yourself?
Oh, sorry about that yeah, it’s just my two screens cause im pr0.

30 day (not really that much of a) challenge


Screenshot of my desktop.

why’s it so big, you might ask yourself?

Oh, sorry about that yeah, it’s just my two screens cause im pr0.

Mar 5

30 daisys worth of challenges

Day 11:

What’s my favourite quote.

ZOMGZzzzzZZzZzz don’t get me started on quotes n shit.

If i had to pick a favourite it’d be a close call between

1. You live, you learn,

2. Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm

or fucking THREE:
Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow

Either one or three. Too ill.

Mar 3

30 day, day 9

pet peeves.

not much annoys me to be honest. i get irritated at the occassional thing but i get over that shit alreeeeet. genuinely trying to think now and nothing comes to mind. HA.

Mar 2

thirty day challengeeeeeeee

days 7+8


do i read?! if so what are my favourite books.

i don’t read books, i’ll be honest. i’ve read books in the past and im a fan of them but i dont read per’se. whenever i do read it’s books on photography or game design and shit like this. never any such things as novels and the like. ALTHOUGH i have listened to a few audio books recently. They’re ill.


3 things i want to say to different people.

without giving any names;

1. clean up your shit.

2. seriously shut the fuck up you arrogent, rude cunt bag.

3. stop being a socially awkward weirdo and develop social skills.

Feb 28


band/musician most important to i.

prollyyyyyyyy, sabrepulse.

he’s just ill.




ALSO,  search for him on Spotify if you’re intrigued, he got on that shit recently!

Feb 27

30 day challenge, day 5

5 places id like to visit

uno. Europe. (france, italy mainly)

dos. mars. see what’s crackin. maybe get a picture or two. take THAT, Hubble.

tres. few thousand years into the future

cuatro. someone’s imagination. someone creative though guys, c’mon.

cinco. me, old.

Feb 26

30 (thirty) day (day) challenge

4- meaning behind your tumblr name.

Become ready.

Dekc - Dec. (my name)

Tings - guess what i post on tumblr.


30 day challenge

DAY 3. (technically yesterday (friday) but it was a long day, please forgive. please.)

my day, in great fucking detail. (just found those rude boys up top)


  1. woke up next to megan, she showered, i slept, i showered, radio: on.
  2. long ass walk to maccy D’ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, had the usual. burger an chips. you know what you’re getting. no fucking about.
  3. the plan for the night (c wood’s bday) was formulated with the man of the hour himself, featuring phil.
  4. costa coffee. megan took ages. bus station. bye megan. train station.
  5. train station. tickets. platform (?????? oddly confusing which one)
  6. On the way to (what i thought) was my platform (according to the screen), some guy checked my tickets with a vacant look about him, i asked if i was headed to the right platform for my train, he looked at me for a second then proceeded to ignore me. I was fine with that and gave a to-myself-‘alright then’ and walked. (I thnk he was foreign.)
  7. asked some train guys if i was were the fuck i was supposed to be (i was suspicious about the whole ordeal), they said it was on another platform, pointed at it, said i had a minute or so to get there. the race was on.
  8. As i walked slightly faster than normal, dodging the vacant foreigner as i did, i thought to myself.. fuck all. plot twist.
  9. got on the train. nothing happened on the train.
  10. got off the train. im in manchester. met phil. got confused as to where in the northern quarter other peeps were. found them. ok.
  11. bussed it back to norden (FOR FREE CAUSE I OOZE BADASS). went colliers’, went shop. chippy afterwards, got a portion of gravy with some chips on the side. (there was a lot of gravy.) ate them. had a good time doing so.
  12. drank for a bit, had a few el oh els, taxi’d it to manchester, jonesy was being hilarious and loud.
  13. got out the taxi, went to chris’s via the bus to drop my shit off. payed for this one but stay tuned.
  14. got to chris’s, first time in his new flat. he’s got a nice flat. i was envious. got out of chris’s, walked to the bus stop.
  15. got the bus back to the center (FOR FREE CAUSE I HAD JUST PRODUCED SOME MORE BADASS CHROMOSONES OR WHATEVER), got out at font bar, had an apple mojito fucking finally. it was lovely.
  16. left font, proceeded to walk to elsewhere.
  17. found this new place South. went in there. had a good time with all the old people and dires. left.
  18. cash machined it up. debated with phil and chris whether or not i should withdraw cash. i withdrew cash.
  19. headed back to south, had some more happy times.
  20. genuine ?????????????????????
  21. we’re outside 42s, the guy said dont go in, it’s a cock fest.
  22. we didn’t go in.
  24. got in there, had fucking fun times, met up with the jen&cassy fighting force +saw others knockin about.
  25. in there for a bit. left. went to jens, think we walked.
  26. chris an danny were causin all sorts of shit at jens gaff. laughter ensued.
  27. Left jen’s, walked to chris’s i think.
  29. i instantly got over it, regretting nothing and carried on being alright with the situation in general.
  30. got to chris’s, had lol times in chris’ for a bit. had some food or whatever etc etc
  31. guy banged on the floor from upstairs at 7am telling us to stfuuuuuuuuuu.
  32. started laughing genuinely for about 20 minutes straight at something chris said, relating to the guy upstairs’ antics. im fairly sure wasn’t meant to be as funny as it was. only i heard it. i could not stop laughing. ha.
  33. fell asleep on the couch, woke up with pins and needles in my legs. it’s 10am. fell asleep again. phil had left.
  34. slept for a bit blahblah,kept waking up blahblah. more people left.
  35. migrated myself to the floor+beanbag combination. it was comfier.
  36. more people left.
  37. i figured only minutes had passed by the time i properly woke up. it was 4pm.
  38. watched some tv. left to meet jimmy.
  39. got the bus. the guy said it’ll cost a few p’s less if i got the one comin in a few. i explained how unphased i was. payed. sat. bus. go.
  40. met up with jimmy in the apple shop. just realised this is now the next day, but here we are. i’ll round it to 50.
  41. met up with jimmy. got a little bored. went cash machine to check the damage.
  42. wasn’t so bad.
  43. went back. waited ages. went in the actual shop. waited ages. left.
  44. went up to the carpark nearby to take some still images of the city of manchester from a high vantage point. bad idea.
  45. we were met with the likes of stoners and people of the night you generally wouldn’t want to associate with. literally did a full circle, went down a level, got the left back down, took no pictures. awkward.
  46. walked to the train station. got a burger king.
  47. got to the train, the ticket guy almost didnt let me pass cause we missed the train. he let me pass. i shall pass this time, gandalf. soz m8.
  48. train’d it to preston, formally Priest Town, true fact, tell your friends. walking home we saw this freekin steam train or some shit. investigated further. took some still images and short digital video recordings on my fujifilm finepix s1800 18x optical zoom Bridge model digital camera, Black.
  49. walked home, ordered a cheque book. jimmy left.
  50. did more things, got a little bored, here we are.

Two days in one. deal w/ it.

Why would you read all that

Feb 24

30 day challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

day two.

ten likes& dislikes

gunna cheat here and use shit i used from the last one


1. Animals (birds/cats mainly) /animal masks

2. Art. As long as it’s not shit and pretentious.

3. games

4. walks

5. my massive blue/thin as fuck quilt that.



8. Apple Mojitos

9. bit of a fan of technology. not even nerdin out and all this but more just how it works. I understand it or whatever but it’s still baffling! FOR EXAMPLE: speakers. i get how it does it and all this but the fact that electronicity travels down a bit of metal and gets converted into sound at the end by the amp and speakers is WILDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

10. photography. get’s it’s own point CUZ i personally prefer it as a hobby as opposed to doing it for artwork.


1. closed minded people

2. when the internet goes down. might not seem like a bad thing but it’s just the little things like not being able to google something or simply check facebook or whatever. trust i. it’s not cool.

3. not having clothes with animal heads on them

4. cheese.

5. celebrity magazines etc. i really couldn’t give a shit. same goes for big brother.

6. fucking vodka. there comes a time where you just cannot stomach a drink any more

7. killjoys

8. not having a 550d :@@@@@@

9. not being able to fly

10. not being able to run super fast. how ill would that be


30 day challenge ting

day1 - basic info etc

since it’s quarter too 3 in the early hours, im gunna count today as the 23rd. (it’s technically the 24th..)

Things about myself.

1. Declan Alexander Troughton, 19.

2. never do stuff like this but it’s an exceptionally boring night and i can’t sleep

3. Enjoy a lot of things art related or whatever (EXCLUDING those fucking black and white pictures of naked bodies. fuck those so much. (to be honest, i’m not much of a fan of photography of people in general, really..)) I can play the odd instrument here an there. bought a violin recently with the hopes to learn that shit over summer CUZ I CAN LOL. etc etc

4. im a fan of birds

5. im a fan of photography and taking pictures just for personal pleasure. usually of birds (see point 4)

6. Games; i play them

7. i’ve got a little red book entitled ‘Keep calm and carry on’ that i picked up years ago at the war museum in salford keyes, manchester, and this isn’t me sayin ‘oh blahblah i was into that keep calm carry on shit before everyone else blah’. NAH. this is me sayin that that book goes with me everywhere. NO J/KKKK.

8. despite points 4 and partially 5 and the cruel relationship between the two; i love cats.

9. love a good nostalgia trip

10. Love a good trip. be it walkin it, trainin it, bussin it, etc. be it with someone or on my bill. Love a good trip.

who’s even going to read this i’ve got like 20 followers LOL

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